Tapas Tour Madrid
Tour de Tapas Madrid

Tapas Tour Madrid – Madrid of the Taverns

Puerta del Sol
2,5 hours

What makes us different

Free Tour Madrid Guías profesionales

Local Guides

Discover the Gastronomy of Madrid with Local Guides

Free Tour Madrid Excelentes valoraciones

Small Groups

We set a maximum of 10 people per Tour to guarantee the maximum quality

You decide the Price

You will set what to eat, what to drink as well as the final price for the Guide at the end

In our Tapas Tour Madrid we will visit the most typical bars and mesons of the center and we will try their most well-known specialties. But we will go beyond. We will try them paired with a good sangria, beer, vermouth or wine. We will rise in the atmosphere of the bustling mesons of Madrid in the company of the local people, and we will also discover the stories behind the dishes, turning the tapas tour not only into a taste experience but also a cultural, cheerful and fun experience for the mind.

The best of all is that our Tapas Tour Madrid adapts totally to your budget, since you will be the one who decides what to try and how much to spend in every tavern we visit.

That is to say our guides will take a tour around the most traditional bars in the city, they will give you the explanations about everything you need to know, they will give you their recommendations on the tapas to try, but you will decide freely what to eat, what to drink and therefore what to pay in every restaurant we visit. As easy as fair.

If we can do this is because we do not have any economic agreement with the bars.

Therefore the retribution of the guides depends exclusively on their function as guides, and therefore of you, as it works like a Free Tour.

It is to say you will be the one who at the end of the tour will value the work of the guide based on your satisfation. As easy as fair. You decide the price.

Could you think of a better, fairer and funnier way to discover the gastronomic identity of Madrid?

Don’t miss our tapas tour Madrid! There are only 10 spots to ensure the highest quality of the experience. Don’t miss yours!


Visit 4 traditional tapas bars
Enjoy advantageous conditions in every place
Try delicious tapas from different regions of the country
Enjoy the gastronomy of Madrid in a local environment
Discover the history of the Tapas
Avoid tourist traps
And many more surprises to be Discovered!

Paella is not included in the Tour: If we would take a real paella that would mean no space in our stomaches to continue with the rest of stops of the gastronomic experience.
The option of trying it like a tapa we do not conceive it. That would mean that they will offer us a second rate paella and we do not want for you. We rather to leave the gap for the traditional tapas of higher quality. However we will give you a recommendation for a good paella place in the capital so you won’t leave Madrid without trying it.


Estatua_ecuestre_de_Carlos_III-Punto de encuentro Free Tour Madrid de los Austrias
Estatua_de_Carlos_III_Punto de encuentro Free Tour Madrid
Puerta del Sol.
Carlos III on Horse Statue
Sky Blue Umbrella


Paseo muy interesante, la guía que nos tocó nos llevó a lugares de gran interés histórico. Nos contó la historia detrás de los lugares y nos enseñó un poquito de la historia en la época de Carlos III. Excelente tour!!
Excelente paseo siguiendo los pasos de Carlos III
Hicimos el tour de Los Borbones y solo decir que fue impresionante, nos hizo el recorrido interesante y muy agradable .Todo lo que aprendimos! Muy recomendable si quieres disfrutar de Madrid! Gracias, sin duda el mejor free tour. Antonio, Pelayo y Marian de Santander
Altamente recomendable


Where does the tour start and end?

The Tapas Tour Madrid starts in Puerta del Sol next to Carlos III Horse Statue and it ends close to La Latina District.

What's the duration of the Tour?

The duration is approximately 2H40′ Hours but it can vary depending on the group or the guide. This duration is an approximation.

How do I find the Tour Guide?

You will find us very easily thanks to our Light Blue Umbrellas in Puerta del Sol. You will maybe see different colours, but do not get confused, the light blue is the good one! ? We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before the beggining to avoid any problem that could take place.

How much money will I spend in the Tour?

We have estimated that on average the amount to spend will be about 20-25 € without including the valuation of the guide. However you will decide how much to spend during the visit.

How many bars will be visited?

We will visit a total of 4 Bars. We will see some more during the visit and we will also provide explanations and recommendations for them, but the ones to try will be 4.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, to guarantee the maximum quality of the tour we establish a maximum of 10 people per tour, so that it is not possible to join the Tour without reservation. Reservation is free and it will only take you 1 minute.

If it rains, is the Tour cancelled?

Luckily it doesn’t rain inside the bars, so we can take the tour perfectly. 😉