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Discover with our Private Tour Madrid the secrets and stories of this millenary city and make your organization, family or friends to take the best experience back home.

Get to know the inside part of the city and discover its most special side with expert local guides. We offer these 2 Private Tours for you.


Free Tour Madrid Antiguo
Old City

Private Tour Madrid of the Austrians - Old City Centre

Discover the Old part of Madrid in the free walking tour Madrid most full of History, stories and secrets. Plunge into the legacy of the Austrians in Spain, get to know the Origins of Madrid and understand its past times.

When: We adapt to you

Starting Time: We adapt to you

Duration: 2H30'

Free tour Madrid monumental
New City

Private Tour Majestic Madrid - New City

Discover a Madrid full of majesty and enlightenment thanks to the Bourbon's legacy. Plunge into the Enlightenment period and discover how the Old Madrid turned into the great Capital City that it is nowadays.

When: We adapt to you

Starting Time: We adapt to you

Duration: 2H30'

Free Tour Madrid Tapas
Gastronomic City

Private Tapas Tour Madrid

Discover with our Tapas Tour Madrid the gastronomy, the taste and the culinary tradition of the capital of Spain. Get to know how our gastronomic identity was forged during centuries and dare to try it in the most classic and traditional places of the city.

When: We adapt to you

Starting Time: We adapt to you

Duration: 2H30'

Free Tour Madrid Leyendas y Misterios
Sinister City

Legends and Mysteries Tour Madrid - Sinister City

Discover with the Legends and Mysteries Madrid the darkest corners of the city. Get closer to discover the footprint of the Inquisition as well as the murders, apparitions and legends that formed the most mysterious and darkest Madrid.

When: We adapt to you

Starting Time: We adapt to you

Duration: 2H30'


Free Tour Madrid - Guías Locales

Local Guides

We have a Team of passionate, experts and funny Local Guides.

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Discover with our Private Tour Madrid the secrets and stories of this millenary City and make your organization to take the best experience back home. Get to know the inside part of the city and Discover its most special side. We offer these 2 Private Tours to take the best of the city

To do it we offer these 2 Private Tours: Madrid of the Austrians and Madrid of the Bourbons. Choose the one that adapts to your needs better and don’t worry about your schedule, we will adapt to your needs. Both Tours are available in English, Spanish and French


This is the best Tour to get in touch with the past times of the City. If this is your first time visiting Madrid we would recommend you to start with this one. In it we will travel to the Origins of the City, to the Middle Ages while walking around the city center. This is the Tour to get to know the History and stories of the Old Town and the main symbols of Madrid.

Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace are some of the main stops of the Tour.

Private Tour Madrid of the Bourbons

In this Tour we will discover the monumental and majestic side of the City. We will walk around the Alcalá’s street, the Prado Avenue and the Retiro Park. The main periods of the spanish history that will be covered are: Madrid of the Bourbons (from 18 Century onwards) and the Peninsular War against France. This is a Tour to get closer to the monumental area of Madrid and discover  the legacy of the Bourbon dinasty in Spain.

Private Tour Sinister Madrid

On this guided tour, we’ll delve into the darkest corners of the city discovering the stories that shocked Madrid long time ago and that will make your walks around the city centre never be the same.
We’ll tour its historic part: Plaza Mayor, San Ginés Church, Sacramento Street and Green Cross Square are some of the stops. During this journey we will take different historical leaps to rescue the legends and mysteries that are still alive in the city by combining them with the historic events that gave them life.
Most of the Tour will be focused on the S XVI and XVII and discovering the fearsome power that the Inquisition wielded in Spain.
If you’re looking for a Private Madrid Tour with these features, this is definitely the best choice

Private Tour Madrid Tapas – Madrid of the Taverns

In our Private Tapas Tour Madrid we will visit 4  really typical bars and mesons of the center and we will try their most well-known specialties. But we will go beyond. We will try them paired with a good sangria, beer, vermouth or wine. We will rise in the atmosphere of the bustling mesons of Madrid in the company of the local people, and we will also discover the stories behind the dishes, turning the tapas tour not only into a taste experience but also a cultural, cheerful and fun experience for the mind.


If these Private Tours fit with what you were looking for, do not doubt it anymore, make your organization to take the best experience of this wonderful city.

We have a wide experience in Tourism and in Madrid. We have already organized these guided tours for several companies and organizations with very good results. We hope to keep on doing it with you.

If you have any doubt please let us know it, we will be really glad to solve it. Here we provide you a Contact Form to let us know the details of your needs for the Private Tour Madrid. You can ask for information without any obligation and we will provide you with a budget according to your needs. Hope to see you soon!


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    Our guide, was absolutely great! He was very knowledgeable, fun and answered all our questions. We saw places we would not have seen otherwise and discovered throughout the tour all sorts of interesting things about Madrid and its people. It was also a good way to meet with other travellers from around the world. We would wholeheartedly recommend going on a tour with Vive Madrid Tours!
    Best way to get to know Madrid
    This tour was really great and the tour guides all seem to be young, energetic, and filled with interesting knowledge about the city. Our guide was all of the above! We had a small group from US and UK so Javi did our tour in English. I really enjoyed the afternoon of sightseeing and fun facts and highly recommend this tour while in Madrid!
    Great overview of important sights in an entertaining way!
    Phfranks Atlanta, Georgia