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Private Tour Madrid
Madrid of the Austrians – Old City

This is the best Tour to get in touch with the past times of the City. If this is your first time visiting Madrid we would recommend you to start with this one. In it we will travel to the Origins of the City, to the Middle Ages while walking around the city center.

This is the Tour to get to know the History and stories of the Old Town and the main symbols of Madrid.

What will we see?

Private Tour Madrid - Puerta del Sol
Puerta del Sol
Tour Privado Madrid - El Madrid de los Austrias- Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Tour Madrid de los Austrias - El Oso y el Madroño
The Bear and the "Strawberry tree"
Private Tour Madrid - San Miguel Market
San Miguel Market
Visite Guidée Privée - Plaza de la Villa
Village Square
Tour Madrid Almudena Cathedral
Almudena Cathedral
Visite guidee privee - Royal Theatre
Royal Theatre
Tour Privado Madrid - El Madrid de los Austrias - Royal Palace
Royal Palace

Historic stops

The Origins of Madrid
Discover how, why, and by whom Madrid was founded and which was its old name.

The Madrid of the Habsburgs
Delve into the legacy that the Austrians left in Madrid while visiting the most important symbols of the Old town.

The streets of Old Madrid
Stroll through the beautiful squares of the city that will evoke you to the Middle Ages and walk along the streets of the old centre with more history and stories.

The Oldest Restaurant in the World
Yes, we will see the oldest restaurant in the world during the visit and we will discover its history.

Madrid Traditions and Gastronomy
We will explain you some of our main traditions in Madrid as our typical dance (the “chotis”), our customs and we will give you some very good recommendations for you to explore the city like a local.

The end of an Era
Find out how and why the Habsburgs came to an end and what this meant for Spain.

El 2 de Mayo de 1808
Get to know first-hand the most heroic day that the city of Madrid experienced and stroll through the square where the first uprisings against Napoleon’s troops began.

And many more surprises to understand Madrid like a local!

Private Tour Madrid
Majestic Madrid

In this Tour we will discover the monumental and majestic side of the City. We will walk around the Alcalá’s street, the Prado Avenue and the Retiro Park. The main periods of the spanish history that will be covered are: Madrid of the Bourbons (from 18 Century onwards) and the Peninsular War against France.

This is a Tour to get closer to the monumental area of Madrid and discover the legacy of the Bourbon dinasty in Spain.

What will we see?

Tour Privado Madrid - sanTour Privado Madrid - Spanish Parliament
Spanish Parliament
Tour Privado Madrid - Cybele Fountain
Cybele Fountain
Tour Privée Madrid- Prado Museum
Prado Museum
Private Tour Madrid - Saint Jeronimo
Saint Jeronimo Church
Private Tour Madrid - Prado Avenue
Prado Avenue
Visite Privée Madrid - Metropolis
Metropolis Building
Private Tour Madrid - Retiro Park
Retiro Park
Tour Privado Madrid - Alfonso XII Monument
Alfonso XII Monument

Historic stops

The Madrid of the Enlightenment Period
Discover how this key period for the renewal and modernization of Europe completely changed the history of Madrid.

The legacy of Carlos III
Stroll through the most important monuments in the most majestic area of the city that Madrid owes to his “best mayor ever”.

The War of Independence
Delve into this dark period of the Spanish history and discover the impact that the wars against Napoleon left on some of Madrid’s main monuments.

El 2 de Mayo de 1808
Discover the story of the most heroic day that the city of Madrid experienced and how its halo permeates its most majestic part.

The Disappearance of the Good Retirement Palace
Find out where the kings’ recreation palace was located and what was the cause of its disappearance, as well as the remains that can still be enjoyed.

Art arrives at the Prado Museum
Discover how Madrid’s former Natural History Cabinet became one of the most important classical art museums in the world as well as some details about its most important paintings.

Cybele’s Fountain History
Learn about the history of most important fountain of the city and plunge into the Ancient Greek Mythology and the modern times of the city.

And many more surprises to discover!

Private Tour Madrid
Prado Museum

Take a Private guided tour of the Prado Museum to discover the exciting history behind one of the most important art collections in the world.
Discover the secrets behind its paintings, get closer to the geniuses who gave them life and start looking at them in a way that will completely change your conception.
An unmissable guided tour if you like art and want to discover and enjoy the wonderful collection offered by the Prado Museum.

What will we see?

Private Tour Madrid Prado Museum
Private Tour Madrid - Velázquez Monument
Private Tour Prado Museum Madrid - Couple inside
Tour Privée Madrid- Prado Museum
Private Tour Madrid Prado Museum - Gallery

Artistic stops

Italian Primitives and Renaissance
Discover the famous artist who changed the history of painting and the beginnings of the great Italian Renaissance movement!

Flemish Renaissance
Walk through the Flemish masterpieces so appreciated by the kings of Spain, and enter the “Garden of Delights” and its mysteries

Reformation and Counter-Reformation
Understand the links between art and the political and religious issues of Spanish Habsburg society, from Titian to Velazquez

Widespread throughout Europe, the Baroque movement took its place at the Spanish court thanks to the friendship between Rubens and Velazquez!

Classicism and Enlightenment Period
The arrival of the Bourbons, a French dynasty in Spain, also shook up art and commissions for artists, such as a certain Francisco de Goya.

Penninsula War of Spain
Goya’s paintings offer a glimpse into the decades of history he lived through, such as the War of Independence against Napoleon!

Romanticism and Expressionism
Finally, discover Goya’s “black paintings”, which opened up art to modernity, inspiring artists for centuries to come…

And many more surprises to discover!

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