Campo del Moro Gardens. Plans in Madrid

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Campo del Moro Gardens. Plans in Madrid

These are the Campo del Moro Gardens and they are emplaced in the West side of the Royal Palace.

Were You right?

These gardens are gardens with a great history besides, as they receive their name because the Moor’s troop of Abd Ayún camped just in there in 1109 in an unsuccessful attemp to Reconquer Madrid and the Old Alcázar of the city that was emplaced where nowadays we find the Royal Palace. Madrid was an important muslim fortress and once they lost it they tried really hardly to take it back.

But despite they tried it several times, they never succeeded. We Spanish are tough People, and We were not going to give up such an important strategic point as easy.

But time passed since then, and nowadays, beyond being a place for possible invasors to conquer the Palace, the Campo del Moro Gardens are one of the best conserved green zones of the city, one of the most beautiful at all and ,of course, one of our favourite ones.

It’s a perfect place to lose Yourself, either alone, in couple or with friends and enjoy of some quiteness and beauty with the Royal Palace as Background in the Centre of Madrid.

We were there last week and We really enjoyed it.

And do You know what is the best of all? The best of all is that You can do it completely Free from 10:00-18:00 any day of the week. It’s a great free weekend plan if You are visiting or living in Madrid.

Why not this weekend with this awesome weather and after an awesome Free Tour Madrid ? ; )

Enjoy it!

The entrance gate to the gardens is in c/ Virgen del Puerto, and You should take into account that despite the visiting hours are the one mentioned above, it is not allowed to go inside the gardens after 17:00, so stay there a bit earlier!

Nearest station:

Príncipe Pío

And here it goes our great free plan for this weekend! But you can enjoy it during the whole year!

If you would like to keep up to date with this kind of plans, be aware of Our blog! We will inform you about this kind of plans weekly! Enjoy it!

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