Free Tour Madrid Old City
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Free Tour Madrid of the Austrians – Old City

2,5 hours

What you will Discover

Discover with our Free Tour Madrid of the Austrians – Old City the creation of the millenary Madrid and change your perception of the City.
Get to know how a little village of the centre of Spain turned into the Capital of at powerfull Empire without losing its essence.

Plunge into the Old Madrid while walking along the old streets that still preserve their history, and discover the main symbols that the Habsburg monarchy let us in the city and that compose its amazing history. This is the best tour to start discovering Madrid.

Travel to the origins of Madrid and discover who, why and when founded the city. Walk around the oldest streets of the city and discover the stories, secrets and curiosities that compose its essence.

Discover Madrid from inside with charming local guides, with one of the best rated free tour companies of Madrid in Trip Advisor and take the best memory of the inside part of the city.

The Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral and the Medieval Madrid will be some of the spots to visit on our journey. But they won’t be the only ones, many more hidden corners, tales and surprises of the Old Madrid are waiting for you to be discovered!

Book your free walking tour Madrid of the Austrians now, get to know the city in a different and special way and understand the present and the past times of Madrid !


The Origins
The Reconquer in Madrid
Medieval Times
Madrid of the Austrians
The Austrians Legacy
The Independence war
Inestability and murders
Madrid nowadays
And many more surprises!


Estatua_ecuestre_de_Carlos_III-Punto de encuentro Free Tour Madrid de los Austrias
Estatua_de_Carlos_III_Punto de encuentro Free Tour Madrid
Puerta del Sol.
At the front of Carlos III on Horse Statue
Sky Blue Umbrella


On our first day in Madrid, we chanced upon an English speaking walking tour of Madrid about to set off. We were welcomed to join by Mel, our guide, who spent the next 3 hours introducing us to some history, interesting stories and fun facts about Madrid. Entertaining and informative, I recommend Vive Madrid Tours to anyone visiting Madrid.
Warm welcome to Madrid
AnneMaree H
We did this tour with our guide, she knows so much about the city, a lot of stories and history! Her english is really good! She made our stay in Madrid really worth it! She showed to us everything important and explain a lot of other things even some nice tips! We did another tour with a diferent company, but this one was the best!!
Really good!


Where does the Free Tour Madrid of the Austrians starts and end?

Free Tour Madrid of the Austrians – Old City starts in Puerta del Sol next to Carlos III Horse Statue. All our Tours start from this point with our light blue umbrellas. The Tour ends in Plaza de Oriente which is 7 minutes walking distance from the beggining point.

What is the duration of the tour?

The duration is approximately 2H45′ but it can vary depending on the group or the guide. This duration is an approximation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, if you want to guarantee your spot in the Tour you need to book. We set a maximun number of 25 people for the tour acording to ensure the quality of our free walking tour Madrid. If you do not want to lose your spot, please make your reservation. It is free and it just takes 1 minute.

Is a minimum number of participants required?

This activity requires a minimum of 2 participants. If we do not reach that number, we will contact you to offer you different alternatives.

How do I find the Tour Guide ?

You will find us very easily thanks to our Light Blue Umbrellas in Puerta del Sol. You will maybe see different colours, but do not get confused, the light blue is the good one! 😉 We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before the beggining to avoid any problem that could take place.

Do I have to arrive in advance?

We recommend you to arrive to the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the Tour. If you do it we will be able to manage the groups in advance and so start on time.

What if it rains?

Do not worry about the weather conditions! If it rains, if it snows or if it thunders or hails, We will be there for You. We know how valuable your time is in Madrid, so we will not leave you alone just because the weather is not good. Reservation is needed.

How can you work like a free tour company?

Our Free Tour Madrid are tours whose prices are open and not set. This is because we want you to decide how much we have added to your experience of Madrid. At the end of the Tour you will value the job of our Guides and you will decide the price for the Tour. A concept as easy and fair.

Our Guides are proffesionals who show Madrid with quality and passion and we believe in your good judgement. That is why it is possible and that is why we will offer a close, fair and enjoyable way of Discovering Madrid!

Are all the free walking tour companies the same?

Of course not. That would be like saying that all the restaurants of spanish food in Madrid are the same. What makes the difference is the ambient, the quality, the expertise and professionalism among some others factors.

For sure you will want the best experience for your holidays. Take it with one of the best valued free tour companies in Madrid with more than 2 years of experience in the city: Leaf Madrid Tours.