Our Trip Gets Started

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Our Trip Gets Started

Today an Ilusion breathes life, Today Our Trip Gets Started.

Today everything starts to be shaped.

After tough months fighting and seeking a shining light in the horizont, today, we start a path that we hope It will take us far.

With all our full care we have prepared the best of the Luggages to face up any challenge that we’ll find along the Journey. We have planned the Route. We have prepared Our Mind for the toughest and challengings moments, and of course, we have let some things without being planned according to let adventure, curiosity, spontaneity and risk play its roll and make of This Trip a much more exciting adventure.

Today we’ll start a Trip in which we will stumble, we know it, in which we will fall, we don’t have any doubt about it, but in which we will wake up and learn, shaking off failure to get right back on the track to this Ilusion.

We hope to find You along It, at its beggining, at its middle point or at any of its stages and that You motivate and inspire us to go on. In this same way we will try to help you to follow Yours by giving You the piece of Life and Passion that we will try to give to everyone who intertwines Its steps with Ours.

We will fight everyday to do it, to come across with you and make you enjoy with us by giving you the best of the Experiencies, Sensations and Memories.

Your Enjoyment will be the light that will guide us along Our Journey, mainly in those doubtfull and dark moments that will try to lead us astray and drive us to places where we don’t wanna be or where we don’t wanna go through to.

So Today, lighted by this bright, Leaf Madrid gets its Journey started. And We hope it will just be the beggining of a Nice, Exciting and Unforgetable Travel that will take Us far.

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