Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph Church in Madrid

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Paisaje

Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph Church in Madrid

How many times have you walked along the Royal Palace and you wondered, what is that colourful dome in the background? Is that a Mosque of Madrid?Nothing could be further from the truth! It is not a Mosque! It is a Church!It is Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph Church!

For sure you have come across with it while walking along Plaza de España and Debod Temple when you went to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the city.

If you ever did so, for sure you found this curious Church! Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph Church!

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Interior con Cúpula 2

If you pay attention to the upper part you will see the colourfull dome that made you feel confused.

It is a church mainly dedicated to Saint Teresa as it is also known as the National Temple of Saint Teresa.

A really modern church created in an eclectic style that mixes elements from different architectural styles such as Gothic, Renaissance and Modernism. The result of such a strange combination is a construction that really looks like a Medieval Castle. This keeps a strong link with the best well known works of Saint Theresa: “Moradas” (Abodes). In it, she conceived the christian soul like a diamond with the shape of a castel. This is why the church remind us to a beautiful castle.

Its front part is composed by 3 access gates with 3 broken arches with a fence presided by the Virgin of Carmen. At its both sides two grey towers protect the central part. The battlemented walls finally give the curious shape to the church.

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Entrada

Nevertheless the really striking element is the astonishing and colourfull dome that is 35 m high and it is created in the bizantine style.

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Cúpula

This style receives its name from the old Capital of the Orient Roman Empire, Bizantium that nowadays is known as…Istambul! Here it goes the oriental influence.

But to give it a christian touch, the coulourfull dome has been top with a Christian Crown with a Cross on the tip. Its designer was Daniel de Zuloaga, famous in Madrid for taking part in the design of some other famous buildings like the Cristal and Velazquez Palaces (Retiro Park) and the Agriculture Ministry (Atocha)

And how is the church from inside?

The central part consist of a wide lowered half barrel vault. The side naves columns are composed by the same broken arches of the front entry.

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Interior

The most remarkable decoration is the 19m reredo emplaced in the front part.

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Retablo

In it a 4,5m statue of Saint Teresa can be found. Below her, a smaller statue of Saint Juan de la Cruz stands. The appearance of both Saints in the front part is related to the real coexistence that they had when they made the reform of the Carmelitas Religious order.

In the lateral parts of the reredo different Saints can be found in wood. In the altar there is a table in which the 12 Apostoles are represented.

Talking about the confusing dome, from inside, in the upper part holds the Spanish Emblem clearing up the doubts about its religious procedence.

Iglesia de Santa Teresa y San José Cúpula por Dentro

Having solved the mystery, we invite you to visit the Saint Teresa and Saint Joseph Church to take a look at it from outside as well as from inside! You will be able to visit it from Monday to Sunday from 8:15 to 13:30 and from 17:30 to 20:30. Here you will be able to find all the information related to the church.

And this is just one of the thousands secrets that Madrid keeps. If you would like to know much more about this awesome city, do not doubt it, Come and Discover Madrid with Our Free Tour Madrid ! See you next week with some new Surprises about Madrid! 😉

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