Three King’s Cavalcade in Madrid 2016

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Three King’s Cavalcade in Madrid 2016

The Three King’s Cavalcade in Madrid in 2016 will tour along the City for 3 hours in a Tour that will start at Plaza de Santa Cruz at 18:30 and that will end at Madrid’s Townhall.

As every year, and 2016 was not going to be the exception, Madrid will host one of the most beautiful and awesome Three Kings’ Cavalcade in Spain and all over the World. In this year the light effects will be the most important effects of the carriages; carriages that will be inspired in the thematic of this year’s Cavalcade: “The Travel of the Three Kings from distant-lands to Madrid”

Timetable and Tour

The Parade will start at 18:30 in the Plaza de Santa Cruz (Nuevos Ministerios) and it will tour the city for 3 hours to finally end in Madrid’s Townhall, in the Palacio de las Comunicaciones, in the beautiful building that can be found just behind Cibele’s fountain.

In between these two points, The Three Kings will also go through the points that We point in the map by throwing sweets to all those who wait for Their Arrival!

To mention them:

  • Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz
  • Paseo de la Castellana
  • Plaza del Doctor Marañón
  • Glorieta de Emilio Castelar
  • Plaza de Colón
  • Paseo de Recoletos
  • Plaza de Cibeles

So choose your spots quickly because there is just one day left to see it! And just one day and a half left for the Three Kings to come to Our Places to turn the morning of the 6th of January into one of the most special of the year.

We hope You behaved good during the last year and so They will bring you everything you asked for. But if You weren’t, We let you the information about the last Tour that They will do before going to Your Houses, to give you the chance of making them believe that You are a really really good person at the deep end. 😉

We hope this information will help You to do it!

Be nice! At least until tomorrow!

P.S. If You have not written your letters to The Three Kings yet, We let You a suggestion of present for You or any of your Friends who likes to Discover Secrets, Curiosities and and New Stories here you can find our Free Tour Madrid


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