Where to Sleep in Madrid

Ares Ruiz
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As we told You one week ago, we were negotiating with some B&B’s, hostels and hotels for recommending Us to Their Clients.

We have to mention, that when compiling the list of the establishments to negotiate with, we put a lot of effort for choosing those whose image was similar to Ours in terms of Quality and Good Sensations transmited.

Having said that, we want to make clear that the map you’ll find below it’s not the result of pure chance, but we carefully selected them.

The result are the 15 B&B’s and hostals that has helped us to continue growing up and that We would recommend to bear in mind in case You would like to visit Madrid without spending a lot of money and in a good vibes place.

We hope it will help You to take the decision of choosing a good place to sleep in when You next come to Madrid.

If any other Hostel, hotel or B&B reads this, and it would like to be included in Our list, please, do not hesitate to contact us in info.leafmadrid@gmail.com and We’ll look at Your case.

Ares Ruiz
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